"A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag"

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My mom came into town today to visit and after lunch we decided to head out to do a little shopping. Not that either of us really
need anything, but there's something therapeutic walking around with a friend jokingly asking "what were they thinking?" every time you come across something a little too reminiscent of Madonna's Like a Virgin video.

But now it is time to get back to work. I've been setting up the shots for the website for the past few days and now I finally get to shoot them! I can't wait to see what the website looks like once Thomas gets through with it. My husband, J., came home last night and was a little confused by the mass amounts of arranged stationery. I'm not going to lie, it was a little overwhelming! He's been such a good sport letting me take over the house with all of my work. I'm so lucky to have someone as supportive as him while I'm trying to get this up and running!

I'll post pictures once I have a few uploaded, but until then, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!