A peak into the studio

copyright courtney khail

I wanted to share a painting I finished just a few days ago for a friend who recently had a baby. (Due to all of the rain in Atlanta I held off mailing it, but it's all wrapped up and ready to ship out today!)

If you read her blog, you already know about her new daughter, but if not you really have to go look at the beautiful pictures of the two of them! E. was there to provide comfort and insight when J got hurt (her own husband had been in an accident earlier in the year) and I always wanted to be able to thank her with something besides an email. So...right before baby Sloane was born I decided to give her a painting- both as a thank you and a congrats! It's inspired by the giant cactus zinnia she grew last spring, and while it's different from a lot of my work, I really enjoy how it turned out! Hopefully she will too! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!