Taking a moment for yourself

isn't this bathroom beautiful?! via the city sage

Let me tell you a secret- even though I've seen the website more times than  I can count now, I still catch myself just clicking through it at least 3ish times a day. A little embarrassing, but true! Speaking of which, if you haven't seen it I would love for you to go take a look, and would love even more if you became a fan on facebook, started following on twitter (which I am still just now getting the hang of. sort of.) etc.

Last night, around 9ish, I realized that I still have 3 magazines sitting waiting for me to read.

Now to some people, that is normal, but to me I was shocked at how long it had been since they arrived the mail and I STILL hadn't even cracked them open. I'm one of those people who opens the cover the moment I pick it up from the mailbox, and don't put it down until I've read every.single.word.

These magazines were at least one week old. One might have even been 2 weeks. About this same time I realized that despite it being 9pm, I hadn't stopped working all day. Probably for the week. My husband stole me away to the pool on Wednesday and I still brought my sketchbook and ended up on the phone discussing the last minute touches of the website. Here it was 9pm, J. was at a meeting, and if I wasn't working I was cleaning, or organizing, doing laundry- doing something. I just COULDN'T sit still. It was as though I was working so hard for so long, that my body didn't know how to just relax. Which was strange since I'm normally  very good at relaxing!

So I closed my laptop- unplugged it even- turned off the tv and the lights and climbed into bed with one of my favorite magazines. I barely got halfway through before I could feel the tension melt away and sooner after I was sound asleep.

So why am I sharing this? Well I think this is something that all of us experience. Whether we're working, planning a wedding, or raising a family, we get caught up in the busyness of everyday and forget to look at the little things and find the simple joys all around us. So this is my challenge to all of you- take break this weekend. Finish up what you need to do by the end of the workday (and if you're like me and make your own hours, shoot for 5pm) and then check out for the weekend. Take a little longer making a meal you love, spend some quality time with those you love, take a bath, call a friend, read a magazine, do anything- just make sure it's something you love and something done for yourself.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!