courtney khail watercolors | Weddings Unveiled Spring/Summer 2016 Launch Party

Weddings Unveiled Spring/Summer 2016 Launch Party

weddings unveiled |courtney khail |custom fine art wedding invitations | Atlanta, Georgia

Last Thursday, I drove over to StudioWed's studio for the launch party for Wedding Unveiled's Spring/ Summer issue. While I most likely would have gone anyway because I'm a big fan of the women behind both StudioWed and Weddings Unveiled, this launch was especially exciting because this particular issue featured a four page spread of a shoot I'd collaborated on! 

Seeing my work never fails to get me all excited, and despite trying to act like a professional, much less a normal functioning human being, I'm pretty sure I just transformed into a five year old who was just found out they were going to Disneyworld. (Maybe a bad example since I can't even look at a roller coaster without getting sick. Okay how about a five year old being told they were getting a puppy? Yep that works. Because if you don't get excited about puppies, something might be wrong with you.) So yes, imagine me first walking in as "Courtney Khail, professional artist" and then moments after being handed the magazine turning into "Courtney Khail, five year old that just found herself surrounded by lab puppies."  (Because labs are my favorite.

weddings unveiled spring 2016 launch party | courtney khail | Atlanta, Georgia | custom fine art watercolor wedding invitations

THEN if seeing the feature wasn't enough, surround me with friends, put me in a photo booth, and hand me a huge cloud of (organic coconut) cotton candy. Which all most definitely happened. 

(Speaking of, way to throw a party StudioWed and Weddings Unveiled. I tip my hat to you.)

Over the next few days/weeks/tbd time frame (I'm just being honest here. I'm not the best at blogging regularly) I'm going to share my work, (as well as some of the work of the other amazing vendors,) behind the scenes moments, and shots that didn't make the magazine. Until then though, definitely go pick up a copy and see the feature in it's entirety for yourself! It's a stunning magazine filled with gorgeous photos, inspiring work, and beautiful ideas.