Good Design Thursdays

I began this blog as a way to show people the artist "behind the company"- to give a little more of a glimpse of who I am, what I love, what inspires me etc. As the beginning of a new year rolled around, I brainstormed ideas of how exactly to do that. That's when I came up with an idea- a resolution if you will- to implement an editorial calendar for the blog.  That way I would stay on point and give myself a deadline of sorts to hold myself accountable to (because there have been way too many days I just couldn't think of something to write about so I just skipped the whole process all together.) If you've been following the past 2 weeks you've already seen the editorial calendar in progress. Mondays are sneak peeks from the studio- projects I'm working on (both business and personal) as well as glimpses at my personal artwork, Tuesdays are home to color inspirations where I combine various photos I've collected or taken into color combinations that I find inspiring, Wednesdays are "cravings"- items I've found that I would love to incorporate into my life and Fridays are link days- a whole post dedicated to the awesome things OTHER people are creating. Now what you may (or may not) have noticed is that Thursday was left out of that calendar- and for good reason. I had NO clue what I wanted to share on Thursdays and I didn't want to waste anyone's time by just posting up some regurgitated something or other just so my traffic stayed consistent. Of course, that just led to "dead air" as Thursdays remained postless.

Until now.

Yesterday afternoon I was flipping through the book A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles (it was a Christmas present from my sister and yes, I actually enjoy flipping through books about typefaces. I have long since learned to embrace my nerdiness.) which was followed soon after with a stint on designworklife and a few other branding/packaging blogs, only to be followed by me scrolling through desiretoinspire, flipping through the newest House Beautiful and clicking through the new Lonny Mag. I'm only giving a play by play because it wasn't until later- after this slightly ritualistic inspiration hunt- did it hit me. THAT is what I would share on Thursdays.  The things around me that inspire me, that I think are beautiful or unique- the things that shape my own work (both consciously and subconsciously.) So from now on, Thursdays will be dedicated to "Good Design." Things I find to be good design because of how it resonates with me. It could be fashion, interior design, architecture, packaging, typefaces- whatever- as long as I find it inspiring. I'm hoping this will not only give more insight into what makes me tick, but it will also be a great way for me to catalog all of the images I find around the web.

So yea. Long story long, I now have a fully functioning editorial calendar for the blog. (yay!) The first post will go up later today!