“Flowers are not a new subject matter in art- from Dutch still life painters to Warhol, artists throughout history have utilized them in their works. And while undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing, to me the true beauty of flowers lies in their metaphorical talents. Whether referencing life or death, happiness or sorrow, flowers have an uncanny ability to capture and portray the full gamut of human emotions. 

By altering something as simple as the composition of its petals, or as intricate as my line work, I am able to utilize that gift and tell a story through my art.”

Most recently I've been experimenting with using flowers to express vulnerability and self discovery (specifically in relation to the complex stories of Southern women.) By combining traditional subject matter with contemporary compositions, vibrant colors, and expressive line work, I strive to display a balance among the dualities– creating paintings that are at once both delicate and fragile, while simultaneously brazen and bold.

From afar, my works appear to consist simply of vibrantly painted botanicals, yet upon closer inspection, their depth is revealed. Utilizing a variety of dynamic lines, I encourage the viewer's gaze to slow – guiding them throughout the painting so they may fully experience the nuances and complexities that first impressions (both in art and in life) so often miss.