well holy cow, it's already Friday

aspen trees are my favorite via courtney khail

and this is the first post I've done all week.

Sorry about that, guys. To be honest, it's just kind of been a whirlwind past few days (okay, more like weeks) and I feel like I am just now catching my breath. I'm also trying to focus on things I really want to do/launch, as opposed to getting bombarded with things that I think I should do. Example? Everywhere I look people are cleaning out their closets. After about 3 days of reading about it, seeing photos, etc, I thought "hey. I should do that!" Fast forward to me standing in front of my closet realizing that aside from shoes and accessories (I have a major weakness) my closet is pretty much only filled with pieces I love and wear. Okay, well there are two shirts that I don't wear, but one was the one I was wearing on J. and I's first unofficial date and the other is the sequin number that I want to wear, so I'm letting those slide.

Repeat this experience in the bathroom. I'm all excited to toss what I don't use and then as soon as I open the medicine cabinet, BAM. I use everything. You see, I have a strict, "no more than one" policy that keeps things at bay. I don't buy lotion/shampoo/conditioner/etc until I run out, and I try to only buy what I truly love/what works. (I also have fierce brand loyalty, which explains why my shelf in the medicine cabinet looks like a Kiehl's store exploded.)

That all said though, it kind of started to annoy me because I was in a purging mood.

So I took out the trash. Seriously. But hey, it really tidied up the corner where the trashcan goes! After that (disappointing) experience I made a promise to myself to take a step back from the internet and pretty much just turn it off when I stopped feeling inspired/had an uncharacteristic desire to paint the walls mint or something. It's been quite lovely to be honest (and I don't feel guilty about posting things I don't find to be super inspiring just to post that day.)

So what have I been up to while on my internet break? Well...

- I made friends with our contractor as he fixed our walls and ceilings. (they are finally done!!)

-We had a friend come stay the weekend with us

-Rented a jeep to go deeper into the mountains

-loved it and rented four wheelers to have even more fun

- hiked a total of 15ish miles (Colorado is so gorgeous)

-went to dinner with friends (and had a few date nights)

-and finally, we bought a car! Wasn't really planning on buying one that day (to insure you all that we aren't crazy, we were buying it in a week) but everything kind of just fell into place and next thing I know (that's a lie. it took hours.) we were driving home in our new car! Of course, because I'm an overly sentimental person I'm kind of sad I'll no longer have my jeep since I've had her since I was 16, my dad and I picked her out, it was the car I drove to college, yatta yatta yatta. See? Overly sentimental. I just keep telling myself that we did in fact need a more reliable/safe car and now someone else can have fun with her.

And now that I've rambled on for a while, what about you all? Any weekend plans/exciting purchases?