Studio Sneak Peek: Workin

via me

So it's 9:15p here and I'm still at my desk working. Of course, given I love what I'm doing I guess I shouldn't call it working, but "sitting here drawing" seems kind of like I'm rubbing that fact in to anyone sitting around working on taxes or something else fun like that. I would love to have posted something more fun for today's studio peek, but to be honest I've been kind of swamped today. From trying to get side projects finished up and emails responded to, to getting my oil changed and finally getting around to grocery shopping, I haven't really sat down. And seeing as I started at 6:18a, I'm kind of running on empty. (For any of you that know me- or just read my blog regularly enough- I am NOT a morning person. 8:30a is "early" for me, but the AC wasn't working last night and I couldn't really get comfortable/actually fall asleep, so when the dog got sick at 6a, I gave up trying to convince my body to fall asleep and just got up and took a shower. I will admit though, I did get back in bed and napped for another 30 minutes, but mostly so I could get out of drying my hair. I really don't like drying my hair.)

This was the "running on empty" where neither J nor I had the energy to cook a real dinner (2 finals for him today) so I ended up making a cheesy pasta thing (despite the fact we're both lactose intolerant) and ate it in front of the computer with a sketchbook in my lap. (My mom says she always knows when we haven't eaten at the dining room table because our salt and pepper shakers are on the coffee table.)

And then I glanced at my watch (okay so it was actually my computer clock) and saw what time it was and that I STILL hadn't posted anything.

So I took a picture of my desk. See? It's a real studio sneak peek. (ta da!)