Studio Sneak Peek: Wild Peony

"Wild Peony" copyright courtney khail stationery and design (feel free to share, but please give credit and link back to my site)

This week's new design is the Wild Peony. Often I think people view peonies as a more luxurious, delicate flower (probably due to it's super short growing season and therefore they aren't locally available year round) but for this design I wanted to give it a more wild, "freshly picked from a garden" feeling. Kind of a mixed bouquet of sorts- with small delicate blooms combined with the lush peony and then juxtaposed against the hardness of the berries. I really enjoy seeing when different textures and unique pieces are combined in arrangements and decided to bring that into this design. (This is a common theme throughout my new designs so you may here that a lot over the new few weeks.) Not only does it bring visual interest, but it also creates more depth to the piece.

As for the invitation, one of my best friends got married at Boone Hall Plantation in South Carolina and I loved the entire feeling of the place. (There were gardens, tree lined drives, and huge green fields all on the water.) It had such a beautiful balance of the wild and the traditional so when I was designing thinking of where to take the invitation to showcase the "Wild Peony" design I knew I wanted to pull inspiration from that experience. Hope you enjoy it!