Studio Sneak Peek: Modern Daisy

copyright courtney khail stationery and design (feel free to share, but please give credit and link back to this page or my site)

Like I promised last week, I will be debuting my new designs each Monday that we're away. First up is the Modern Daisy. I've loved Gerber daisies for forever and knew I wanted to create a design inspired by them. Only problem is that daisies can sometimes seem boring or childish if done wrong. So, instead of going to traditional route of illustrating from above so you would see all of the petals (you know, like how you first learned to draw a flower in elementary school) I decided to draw it from a upper left hand view. This way it's still recognizable, but combines both a side view and a view from above. Given that it's a more modern and artsy design, I decided to paint the gallery view of it using a calming cool palette instead of something more expected like red or yellow and paired it with two different very thin sans serif fonts. (Of course, as is the case with all of my designs, this can be painted in whatever color you prefer and if you are ordering invitations and would like a different font choice I'd be happy to do that as well.) What do you think?