Studio Sneak Peek: Jeremy Clarkson

via Quote Vadis

“One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that if you drive into London at 6am, half of the cars on the roads are Porsches and Astons. Whereas if you go in at ten to nine, they’re all Renaults. Simple solution, then. You want a nice car? Get up earlier and do more work.”

Okay, so it's not exactly a studio sneak peek (and by not exactly I mean, not at all. But I promise there is a good reason for this that I'll week.) but I saw this quote over on Quote Vadis and just had to share it because:

1) It's true.

2) I like Jeremy Clarkson. It may be because I have developed a love for the show Top Gear* (thanks to J. who introduced it me to it when we first started dating,) but most likely it's just because I enjoy his sense of humor. A slightly inappropriate, incredibly sarcastic, tell it like it is kind of sense of humor.  And let's be serious here- it definitely doesn't hurt that he has a British accent.

Happy Monday everyone!

*little known fact about Top Gear... it has an EIGHTEEN YEAR waiting list to be in the audience. Eighteen years! Looks like I better put our names on the list now.