it takes all kinds

Today is my grandmother's birthday. Well technically, it's the birthday of 2 of my 3 grandmothers (MeMe wasn't actually blood related, but that's just a minor detail given the love we all felt for each other. My dad's mom- who died when I was 6- actually asked MeMe to take her place in watching over all of us. She didn't want to leave her only child- and his family- without a grandmother close by.) Seeing as it's their birthday (or would be, they've both passed) I thought it would be fitting for today's quote to be something my grandmother (my mom's mom who we actually caleld Grandmother because she wasn't a fan of anything else) always said.

it takes all kinds via courtney khail

watercolor by courtney khail

"It takes all kinds."

Normally, Grandmother would say this when she was trying to remind herself (or me) that even if we didn't agree with someone or prefer them, that they are still people and their options, etc. are still valid. To this day I constantly try to remind myself of that- especially if anyone hurts me (or if their actions simple just baffle me.) We all have a voice, a place, and the right to our beliefs- it takes all kinds.