How It All Works

I was going to show pages from my sketchbook, but realized that would spoil the surprise of seeing projects I'm currently working on as they are finished!

Let me just start off by saying I get really excited every time I start a new project. I absolutely love being a part of someone’s celebrations and knowing that they want my art to represent their event or serve as a present for someone special makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But on to the reason for this post. I’ve been asked a few times now to explain my process, so I figured now would be a good time!

1) You’ve Got Mail

I open up my email and (yay!) someone wants to know if I can design an invitation or stationery for their event. It usually holds the specifics (date, place, etc) and sometimes it’s even more direct (as in, “I love your hydrangea design. How much would it cost for you to make the table numbers/escort cards with that design for my wedding?”) This leads to step 2.

2) Understanding What You’d Like

Sometimes I get a client who asks for a design that is “cute, but sophisticated” or “elegant, yet playful.” Likelihood, our definitions will be a little different so to make it clearer, you’ll get an email back from me filled with questions in order to get to know you and what you are looking for.

First, I have to make sure you know what I offer (one of a kind illustrations and hand painted designs) to ensure that this is what you are looking to get. I’ll then ask about what you like and don’t like, what colors you are thinking of using, if there is a theme, etc. If it’s your wedding, I might ask what type of dress are you wearing; where the wedding will be, what type of reception it is, etc. Everything you have already chosen paints a picture of who you are (and how you are as a couple) and will help me in creating the right design for you.

If it is for a note card order, I will ask a lot of the same questions about the person receiving the cards. What are their favorite colors (more importantly what colors do they really dislike? I don’t want to use a ton of orange if it makes them cringe!) what do they like to do, why are you sending this gift (birthday, Mother’s day, Christmas, just because you love them etc) Every answer helps ☺

3) What’s your budget?

Being raised in the South, money was one of those topics deemed “rude” to talk about with others, but in planning an event it is an important issue. Note cards are a set price, but invitations, programs, menus etc. all are priced based on what you would like. How intricate of a design you would like, the type of paper, type of printing, type of envelopes…- they all change the overall price of invitations.
Knowing how much you would like to spend let’s me present options that fall within that budget so you can get exactly what you are looking for.

4) Let’s Get Started!

After talking, I will design a few options for you to look at and choose from. Once you’ve made a choice, I’ll send you an invoice and a proof to look over. After the invoice is paid for and all changes have been made, your order will be in the mail within a month (depending on its size!)

So there you go! That’s a brief version of the process. Hope it answered everyone’s questions!

It of course left out parts like “counseling session emails” I have with brides where I try to help calm you down as you stress about seating charts, ever increasing guest lists, clashing colors, dresses not fitting, budgets getting out of control and all of the other little things that tend to stress brides out, in hopes to help make your experience that much more pleasant. I like to connect with each and every one of my clients and am always more than welcome to help answer questions, give advice, or just serve as an unbiased person to vent to whenever I can!