Have a great weekend!

one of the views from our hike via my personal collection

We took an impromptu camping trip Wednesday night, which was wonderful, except that we're apparently not too great at "impromptu" things. Because we didn't really plan much at all, we both ended up forgetting a lot of things that were kind of important. Of course, it did make for some hilarious moments (such as me combing my wet hair with a plastic fork little mermaid style because I forgot a brush, laughing like lunatics while we tried to come up with makeshift pillows since we forgot those too, and oh yea, when it came time to make dinner we realized we forgot the part that connects the gas to our stove so we literally had to cook our dinner over the open fire.)

It was awesome. (Seriously.)

Anyhow, because of that mini vacation, I'm behind on my blog reading so this weeks links are going to be a little shorter than normal. Hope you understand.

I think it'd be fun to stay in one of these bubble houses.

This look book has me dreaming of lazy days filled with long naps, picnics, and easy reads.

For posing with an awesome paper moon, that one lady doesn't look as happy as I think I would be.

Amazing DIY tree lamp

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Any big plans?