have a fantastic weekend (weekend links: april 4-8th)

I love that the dogwoods are finally blooming. What a beautiful tree! photo via Sacramento street

The weather has been beautiful these past few days and I for one am so happy that spring is finally here! With how much we've already started soaking it all in- picnicking, kayaking, hiking... you'd think we haven't been able to be outside in months. (Which I guess is technically true- Georgia isn't known for beautiful winters.)

But on to the links.

I wish this bowl would have been around before I gave up trying to drink milk. It always annoyed me how soggy the last few bites of cereal would get...

Speaking of cool concepts, I would love to have a pair of these chairs. It would sure make packing for camping trips easier!

I've always had a soft spot for the old logo- reminds me of elementary school, computer labs, and playing the original Oregon Trail. (Remember that? Before "real" graphics existed?)

And lastly, getting back to the topic of spring, how beautiful are these flowers? Would you believe me if I told you that they were paper? Because they are. (I know! What an amazing talent.)