have a fabulous weekend

via favim.com

Things are (super) busy around here given that we're taking a major trip in two weeks and have tons of things left to do before then. Even so, sometimes my procrastinating tendencies get the best of me and next thing I know I'm eight blogs deep into beautiful images.

Of course, while that means tough times for me (I hate rushing) it means wonderful pretty things to share with you all.

Speaking of which...

Aren't these sunset photos by Eric Cahan beautiful? Sunsets never fail to take my breath away and these are no different.

We don't do family reunions-our family isn't really that large (I have two cousins. Seriously, two.) but I would happily rock one of these.

Speaking of rocks (like that lead in? yea I thought you might) this agate window is stunning.

Completely unrelated, I have such a soft spot for this balloon animal font. How cute!

Okay, now it's time to get down to business. I have some 30 posts to finish and schedule. Looks like me and Pandora will be spending some quality time together. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!