happy weekend!

photograph via Mido Design

I woke up this morning, threw on my sandals, and walked downstairs to take Bella outside. (That sounds way more energetic than it actually occurs. Go ahead an envision me clothed in an array of mismatched pajamas, still wearing glasses, and my hair kind styled into a "I tried for the bed head look, but ended up looking like I fought with my pillow look." Oh and it's always really bright outside so I'm squinting and kind of stumbling behind Bella. I'm a natural beauty, let me tell you. hah.)

Back to the point though. I opened the door and per usual, Bella ran past me to the grass. Only the grass was white. And cold. My bare toes started to sting as I realized I was standing in an inch of snow. Apparently sometime while we were sleeping, Denver was dusted with our first snow fall. And it was gorgeous. It's all melted away now, but it made me giddy with excitement for the cold days ahead. (Apparently it's snowing again tonight so maybe this time I'll remember to grab a jacket before I walk outside. Let's be real though, I'll probably forget and wander out in shorts.)

How's your weekend starting out? Did you wake up to snow or is it still hot where you live?