Happy Weekend!

Rocky Mountain National Park via personal collection

Okay, so when I said I was back, I meant more in a "hey, I've caught up on my emails" kind of back. Not the kind of back that means, "hey! I'm back to daily posting!" because honestly, I ran out of time this week. You see, while exhilarating and awesome- a cross country move kind of takes away your time to get the stuff you REALLY need to finish, finished. In my case, those things would be orders. And if I wasn't crazy enough, I decided to take on a rush order because she seemed super sweet. So instead of browsing the internet to find awesome and inspiring things, I'm inspiring myself by 12 hour painting days. (I've had 4 this week.)

That hasn't put a damper on exploring our new city though. In fact, here is a quick recap of what we've been up to:

-shot a "day in the life" photo shoot (more on that later)

-hiked 5 miles to see a beautiful waterfall

-took a mini 240 mile road trip to explore all of Rocky Mountain National Park

-had drinks overlooking downtown Denver and ice cream served from a giant sized milk jug (i.e. the building was actually milk jug shaped)

-found awesome breakfast places we need to try and then tried a few Diners, Drive In's and Dive restaurant choices. (They were all amazing and one is just down the street and has fried chicken. Be still my heart.)

-and of course, I am driving J crazy with the arranging, rearranging, and then total rearranging I'm doing to our new place. Have I mentioned what a great sport he is?

And as for this weekend, we have festivals, get togethers and more neighborhoods to explore. If you know of anything we just have to do or see in Denver, I'm all ears! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I'll see you next Monday.