happy weekend!

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I'm still battling this dumb cold (it seems to be nearing it's end) which isn't too fun, but on the plus side it's given me a lot of time to finish up projects and straighten up our home (which unfortunately falls to the wayside when we get swamped with things to do.) It's supposed to rain all weekend long- bummer- but hopefully that means we'll get to soak up the last bits of winter here in Atlanta. It's already hitting the mid 60's so I can only imagine the 90's will be here before we know it.

Another task on the list? Finalize our moving date.

Folks, it's only three months away. THREE. How crazy is that?! We're doing our best to fit in as many dinners, family time, get togethers, Braves games, and concerts as possible before we leave, and to say the least it's going to be a really really busy three months.

Actually, now staying in and relaxing because of the rain sounds quite nice.

Any big plans for you all this weekend?

And to further your procrastination... here are some links that caught my eye:

I can't even think about the fact our pup will die before us. Seriously, I tear up/cry at the mention of "the next dog." According to this chart though, maybe we should get an elephant so I don't have to worry again.

On a lighter note, we're going here. No clue when, but it's too cool to miss.

cool jump drives

Clothes as art

My friend Chelsea is hiring. If you live in Portland, get. on. that.

I have a date with one of my besties today and she's already planning activities via Pinterest. Maybe we should look here?

I bet sweet seduction smells awesome.

Bridal fashion's a changin'

Have a great weekend everyone!!