happy weekend

this has nothing to do with anything, except that it makes me happy. This is my lovely black lab Bella asking me to play with her instead of work. She won.

photo via personal collection

I've been helping Ginny set up for an event these past two days and I can't even begin to stress how much more respect I have for event designers/stylists. I always knew it was a hard job, but wow. The long hours, the heavy lifting... it's a lot. (Apparently, painting every day isn't as strenuous on your hands as bending wire, climbing trees to hang lights, moving ladders etc. because as of last night, my band aid count was at 5. Granted, I'm one of those people who will climb up the side of a building via bannisters as opposed to a ladder, so I probably brought this on myself.) Even with all of the hard work though, it's also been a lot of fun and I've had such a great time helping out, hanging out, and seeing "behind the scenes."

And now for the links.

I love these road signs. The "look right" one? Priceless. Speaking of signs, we actually saw the crazy Portland bike sign while we were on our road trip and couldn't stop laughing about it.

Cheese or font?

I want to go to there. (I can't believe we missed this!)

33 ways to stay creative

Oh, I need to make this.

And lastly, I am so happy to find out this commercial was voted the worst. It's so gross. (To be honest though, I think most advertising in general is pretty horrible and speaks volumes about what is now viewed as acceptable and appropriate in our society.)

I'll put away the soap box now... and leave you on a sweeter note. Warning though, it's emotional. This story made me cry big ugly tears. Oh the beauty of true love.

And now that we all have tears in your eyes, it's time to sign off. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Any big (or little) plans?