happy (november) weekend!

my lovely sister and me (she and her boyfriend came to visit us last weekend which was awesome. We hadn't seen each other in 5 months!)

Hey everybody! I'm getting a really late start to this post, but wanted to drop by and let you know that my site may be down for a little bit because it's getting revamped! yay! I'm so excited to see how it looks and to share it with you all- especially since there are some really awesome new additions and products available.

In an attempt to not just sit and stare at my computer while everything loads, I've been working on projects I want to share in the next few months (anything in particular you'd like to learn about?) went to an Anthropologie crafting eventing this morning (my friend and I are now expert paper fringe tree makers,) went out to lunch (how had I never been to Nordstrom's Cafe?!) and proceeded to FaceTime with my sister for the past hour during which she showed off her new outfit and taught me how to make an old fashioned (fun fact: one lemon usually has 2 oz of juice-enough for 2 cocktails.) Given that tomorrow I'll spend most of the day working, I thought this was a nice kickoff to the weekend.

What about you all? Any big plans for your days off? (Or are you like me and will be working this weekend?) Whatever you do, I hope it's wonderful. See you back on Monday for the reveal (or this weekend if you follow me on twitter and instagram) as well as a new kim and courtney cook!