Happy (its december!) weekend

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It's December!!!!

So yea, some of you grouch-ma-gees (Wordpress says that's the right way to spell a made up word) out there may dislike December for whatever reason or another, but as for me? I love it. It's cold (and therefore unlike in July or some other horrible hot month, drinking bourbon by a fire  is completely acceptable as is wearing ugly hiking socks "because they're warm" even though we all know it's because they support the best) plus you get to wear cute clothes (peacoats? trench coats? cable knit? tights?! come on people. You get to dress like a bag lady and it's completely acceptable) the world is all lit up with twinkle lights and smells like cinnamon and cookies and people are smiley and whistling Christmas carols. How can you not love it?

Oh. And Elf plays on repeat. You can't not love Elf. *

Speaking of love, the hubs and I also were married in December so there's that awesomeness too. (In case you'd like to celebrate, it's on the 20th. Cards are always welcome.)

Anyhoo, if you can't tell yet, I'm stoked that it's finally December (and that we have a tacky Christmas/SEC Championship party tomorrow night because God knows I love a good overly decked out Christmas outfit.)

and to celebrate that excitement, here are some links.

These glasses are amazing. I claim red.

I knew I didn't like pork rinds for a reason.

You should read this blog. It's great.

You know how I said we had a winter wedding? Well this is a great post about what to wear if you're invited to one.

And lastly, although I fell into the Twitter trap, I still completely agree with Louis C.K. (which reminds me... we have one of his DVDs we still need to watch.)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

*For anyone wondering how I left out Christmas, I didn't. Christmas is my favorite holiday ever so therefore it being one of my favorite parts of December is just understood.