happy (its almost august) weekend!

chris court photo for Donna Hay via dust jacket

It seems like every month I'm amazed that another month has flown by (and this month is no exception.) Any big plans this weekend? I'll be catching up on a lot of work I have to finish up, watching dragon boat races, and getting ready for my parents to come into town next weekend. Think I may have to tackle some magazine reading too because they are starting to take over. I know, I know. Poor Courtney. She needs to read magazines... But seriously. We're starting to look like hoarders over here.

I really think these are necessary somewhere in our house. I mean, who doesn't love clouds?

Our grocery store surprisingly has amazing pizza dough, but I think I'll keep this handy in case we ever run out.

The perfect slouchy white shirt.

Super simple textural type tutorial (say that 5 times fast.)

And lastly-despite having an ice cream maker- I really want to make this.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!