Happy (how is it almost October) Weekend!

colorado sky via courtney khailvia my personal collection

I'm photographing some work today and trying to stay outside as much as possible, but before I sign off from the computer I wanted to share a few things I've enjoyed from the internets.

I always thought pencil shavings were pretty- but never this much fun.

I purposely try to avoid the food court because I can't easily pass up the pretzels. (darn you amazing butter smell.)

A beautiful way to look at life

gooollldd finnnger. (you have to sing that like the movie or it doesn't count)

And lastly, something that has nothing to do with the internet- I some how pulled my neck yesterday and can't turn it to the left, which leads to my making some awesomely creative moves in order to see that way (think driving.) Just wanted to share the visual because it's kind of hilarious. I feel like I'm walking around like Frankenstein and pretty sure anyone on my left hand side thinks I'm giving them the shaft/refusing to look at them. Promise I'm not.