happy (holy cow its already june) weekend

via Bahar Ozdemir

Seriously guys, it's JUNE. How has time gone by so quickly? In an effort to make everything slow down, I'm looking forward to lazy pool days, fresh picnics, and time away from the computer this weekend. Maybe I'll even get around to painting (non-work related.) I was hit with major creative inspiration and want to take hold of it before it's gone!

No matter what we end up doing this weekend, I'm going to suggest absolutely no time restraints. There is something so freeing about not having to wake up by a certain time, not having to be some where at a certain time, etc- don't you agree?

Until the weekend officially hits though, here are some things to get you through these last few weekday hours:

If I had $230 for a portable grill, I'd pick this one.

Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays

The world in cardboard

Design*Sponge gets a face lift (complete with pretty gold ribbon)

Hair dryers and summer just don't mix. That is why I need this sake hair cream by fresh

Oh cherry custard. This recipe sounds amazing. I have an unnatural love for fresh cherries.

Love how this blog makes you think-  if your house was burning, what would you save?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!