Happy Friday! (weekend links)

hilarious work by Aled Lewis (from his Toy Stories series.) Found here

Yesterday (after an already long "can't believe it's only Thursday" kind of week) J and I decided to play hooky and take a day off. We started with an amazing breakfast and then headed off to the Auto Show where J. happily walked around like a kid on Christmas looking at, getting in, and talking about the cars he loved (and joking about those we didn't love.) It was a perfect leisurely day (complete with the news that J's rotation schedule was fixed and finalized!, movie watching, magazine reading, and bacon wrapped green beans.) And now it's time to get some work done before planning a fun weekend. To hold us over, I thought I'd share things I've found  to be interesting, beautiful, and/or fun from around the web. Enjoy!

This beautiful Quill clutch reminds me so much of this sunprint cake. (And I love them both!)

J doesn't like heights (rarely does that stop him from anything though) but I'm still not sure I could get him to go for this dinner in the sky. Me on the other hand- well I would LOVE it.

Looking for a new book? Chronicle Books is having it's 30% off sale! (I loved Creative Inc.) Just enter SPRING11 at checkout.

I think I need this bracelet. Speaking of things I need let's add this amazing dress as well.

I organize my books by color (does this really surprise anyone?) but I'd be more than happy if someone wanted to come wrap them in paper for me.

Happy weekend everyone! Hope it's a lovely one.