Happy (don't forget your taxes) weekend

Image from This is Market via here

We've already done our taxes, but I thought I'd remind any one out there that may have forgotten. Penalties suck so make sure it's postmarked in time!

That tidbit aside, I hope all of you had a fantastic week! In addition to the usual, a friend and I went to the Georgia Organic's This is Market event at the Sweetwater Brewery last night, which promoted eating from and supporting local farmers markets. (While eating a strawberry basil popsicle I was informed by my sister exactly where the strawberries and basil were farmed. I thought she was joking at first, but she was completely serious. Great work farmers!) The food was spectacular, the atmosphere was great, and most of all the company was phenomenal. Oh! And there was a Smilebooth so we came home with more than enough goofy photos of ourselves.

Did I mentioned that it was one of my sister's events? No? Well it was, and I was so proud of the amazing job she (and Georgia Organics) did. Without getting too sappy, she's an amazing person, an incredibly talented event planner and an environmental attorney to boot. Yea, I have a pretty cool sister.

Other things that are pretty cool?

We saw J's parents yesterday and we get to see mine tonight. Neither live in Atlanta so this is a treat!

He proposed via pop up book

And this is what happens when designers have children (p.s. cutest names ever.)

Just in case you were curious, this is how to bathe a chicken.

How Paris really looks at night

The secret life of clouds

It's gettin' real in the Whole Foods (I loved this. $80 for 6 items? Yep.)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Any big plans for you all?