happy (cinco de mayo) weekend!

via mackin ink

Hello everyone! First off, thank you all for you amazing comments yesterday. You all are absolutely wonderful! Second off, I had my very first in home massage today (as in, they come to your home and you don't have to do anything besides be pampered) and dear goodness it was amazing. I'm completely hooked. (If you're in Atlanta, I'd recommend Stephen at Metta Station. He rocked.) Another thing I'm hooked on? Genifique by Lancome. My sister told me to try it (she uses it) and now my skin is soft, dewy, and smells awesome. (If you want to try it, I'd recommend going by Dillard's this weekend because Lancome has their gift with purchase going on until Sunday.) Also, if you were curious as to why posts were light this week, we actually ran off to Florida for the week to see J's family and get in some beach time before we move out West. It was so nice to take a break from the stress of moving, my dad being in the hospital (he's doing much much better now. thanks for all of the well wishes!) and just work in general. Now we're both well rested, loosened up and ready for what's to come!

And now on to the links.

By far the prettiest candle arrangement ever.

I love the gold duck

I think I need a hanging daybed.

We have a wedding tomorrow (so excited for these two) and I can't lie. I'd be stoked if it was a taco party.

And in case you missed it, I love this collaboration/concept. (My post went up yesterday!)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!