happy (almost halloween) weekend

A little something I picked up while looking for costume ideas via personal collection

Halloween is just around the corner, but given that it falls on a Monday it seems that everything is taking place this weekend (we have 2 costume parties and had to rsvp "no" to another 2.) What about you all? Any big Halloween plans or are you going to take it easy and stay home?

The language may be offensive to some, but this rant made me crack up. (Mostly the part about PBR)

I'm not a fried egg girl, but I'd have to smile if someone served me this ghoul.

My love for baby giraffes just got even deeper.

This weekend is also one of the biggest college football matchups of the SEC- Georgia v. Florida- also known as the world's largest cocktail party.Ā  J. and I both went to the University of Georgia and are huge UGA football fans so naturally this video warms my heart. (He's saying "Gators wear jean shorts" in case you couldn't tell. Which coincidentally is why I still can't make myself wear jean shorts.)

And of course, no weekend would be complete without a little Ron Swanson. (He's my favorite character on the show. Speaking of... here are cats that look like Ron Swanson.)