my grandparents back in the day via my personal collection

Today my Grandmother passed away.

She was such a nurturing, caring, strong, smart person and while I'm going to miss her (and our friendship, a long conversations and visits) so much, I'm happy she finally gets to be with my Granddad again and isn't in any more pain.

Something that I'll never forget is just how witty my grandmother was. She always chose her words wisely and in one sentence she could say more than most people could in a entire speech. An example that sticks out in my mind is when I told her J and I were living together after we got engaged. She was quiet for about 5 seconds and then before giving us each a hug, she smiled and simply said "just make sure you keep your bedroom door locked." That was all she said- nothing more, but she said everything she wanted to in that one sentence. (I wish I was more like her in that respect-I'm much more of a rambler.) And in case you couldn't tell by her super cute striped shorts and her sunglasses, she was also a pretty stylish lady. Never one to be under dressed, most of my vintage pieces were gifted to me by her and are without a doubt the ones I receive the most compliments on. She embodied the definition of what it means to be a lady and I'll always be grateful for having her in my life for 25 years.