Good Design: Watercolor lettering

via Karen Kurycki

First, this is called "Is it worth it, let me work it..." so it's already awesome. Second, I'm a huge watercolor fan (as if that wasn't obvious) so I love seeing this type of lettering.

Speaking of watercolor lettering... an awkward story from my life:

I went to a (pretty well known) photographer's show and upon seeing his book (that featured water colored lettering) I asked who created it/ how it was done. The answer? Something to the extent of "Someone I know... and I think she painted it."

Umm. Thanks? He seemed uncomfortable by the question, which made me uncomfortable, and I didn't know how to respond so to make it even more awkward (I'm kind of gifted at that) I think I simply said "okay? cool." then stood there for a minute in silence and just walked off. At least he tried.*

*For the record, I didn't ask about how he styles his photos because some one before me asked that and was told he doesn't. He just goes to stylish people's places and uses whatever they have arranged.