Good Design: Vintage Matchbooks

A few weeks ago I visited my Grandmother and while going through some old pictures I found a collection of matchbooks that she and my grandfather collected on their travels. Funny thing is, I find myself doing the same thing when we travel. Because of this, I thought I'd share some of the ones we have. Today I'll share some vintage ones from my Grandmother's collection and next Thursday I'll show a few "newer" ones from mine. It's amazing to see how much type and layout design goes into creating matchbooks and exactly how much has changed (and stayed the same) with these little pieces of advertising art. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

via courtney khail stationery and design

I love the pink stripes and carnival themed font from the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. (The back has a smaller clown and a different phone number advertising their Reno location.)

There isn't a name on the Ohio Blue Tip box to tell me where it came from, but the back showcases a painted duck scene. Looks almost like one of those paintings you'd see in a hunting lodge.

I love the vintage airplane illustration on the "Aboard the Presidential Aircraft" matches. (The front has the presidential seal)

Isn't this a cool image of the Great Wall? It's from the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel's matchbook. (I also love how instead of the normal matchbook shape theirs is long and skinny. Almost mimicking the wall itself.)

Speaking of the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel, I love the clean and graphic illustration of the High Wheel Bicycle.

How about the ornate La Pinata matchbook from the San Marco in Singapore? I love how the orange and pink pop off of the brown and gives a nod to the architecture of the area. (And the hot pink tips of the matches? I'd keep these around just for that.)