Good Design: Positype

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So the ever talented Neil Summerour just launched his new website and it is beautiful.  It's clean, bold, has everything located in one central place. Oh! and it has a ton of white space (I love white space.) Not only does it show off tons of Neil's typefaces, but it also showcases his lettering work. AND he includes sketches! I'm such a sucker for sketches. Don't just show me the final product all shiny and new- show me the hard work; the out takes; where the pen (or lipstick in one example) met paper and the thought became real. (yes, I am quite aware that I am a nerd and no, I am not ashamed.)

And I'm not just singing his praises because he's one of my closest friends, or because he put my site together (which yes, I am a little biased towards but it is pretty awesome,) or even because I can see some of the suggestions I made actually made it onto his site (even more awesome.)


I'm saying that because it's true and because Neil isn't one to shout it from the rooftops, even if he should. He actually isn't one to speak much about himself at all. Reading his "about me" section, I learned things I never knew and I've known him for over 5 years. Granted, one of those things was blood type and that's not something that normally comes up in conversation. At least not in conversations where you aren't looking for a kidney or something. ( To be honest, I can't even remember my own blood type. I think I'm O, but I don't give blood so I don't really know. And before anyone tells me why I should give blood, I don't hit the weight requirement and I don't like seeing my blood drain out of me so no donating for me.)

But back to the point of the post- the site. Go on and click here and take a moment to look at the awesome things he creates. Maybe you'll even recognize a few things he's done- like work for Victoria's Secret or Panera Bread. Heck, even ABC is on his client list. (He's kind of a big deal.)

And now, if you'll excuse me I have to go admire fonts like Epic and Magneta (and screen any "I can't believe you wrote a post about me" phone calls I may be receiving...)