Good Design: Fiat 500 flip book

I think I mentioned that a few weeks ago J and I went to the Auto Show here in Atlanta (if not, that's me mentioning it.) While you're there, every manufacturer is trying like crazy to reel you in and convince you to buy a new fill in the blank, and while doing so they load you up with brochures, pamphlets, etc. Mostly they were all the same- glossy pages filled with specs and photographs showing the same 5 angles everyone does (action, front, back, side, and interior) of their different cars. The one that stood out the most though was Fiat. Yep, the Italian company that is bringing the Fiat 500 to America. (If anyone is curious, it's actually a pretty awesome little car and is incredibly roomy and safe feeling- unlike the Smartcar which I feel is simply a deathtrap. Personal opinion of course.) Anyhow, back to the promo pieces. By the time we reached Fiat my purse was filled with brochures and becoming incredibly heavy so when J brought over another one- and this one a book no less- I said no. I didn't want to carry anything else.  He insisted and told me just at least look at it before refusing. Good thing he did, because instead of simply giving you a boring promotional booklet, Fiat gave you a flip book. A flip book! And I for one love flip books. Turn the pages and ta da! A Fiat 500 appears. Simple, clean, and engaging- exactly what a promo piece should be.

Here's a taste of what it offered:

Those clever Italians.