Good Design: Diet Coke

Turner Duckworth redesign of Diet Coke via lovely package

I am an avid Diet Coke drinker (I don't drink coffee so it's where I get my caffeine,) and a couple of days I opened my frig to find that the Diet Coke can looked different-and not just different, but awesome. I love the enlarged logo that relies more on the style of the letters and the colors, instead of the words. I really hope they keep this one around!

A little more info about the redesign:

“The latest evolution in Diet Coke’s iconic “Stay Extraordinary” campaign features a modern new look for fall on the Diet Coke aluminum can and a series of new ads on television and out-of-home. The ads connect with consumers using the witty and smart tone that marks the unique voice of Diet Coke." (I never thought of Diet Coke having a voice, but I'll go along with it.)

"“The new Diet Coke design is at once understated and overstated,” said David Turner, partner Turner Duckworth. “The understatement of a monogram, rather than the full name, and the overstatement of the extremely enlarged logo, both demonstrate the brand’s renewed self-confidence.”

Apparently Diet Coke also rewarded some of their "most loyal customers" with a specially designed refrigerator filled with Diet Coke. I'm going to assume mine was lost in the mail.