From the Studio: Heading West

view from our last road trip out west via personal collection

My camera is packed so I can't show any fun "can you believe we fit this many boxes in one truck" photos, but I wanted to stop in to let you all know that 1) I haven't fallen off the edge of the world 2) I promise I'll get back to regular posting in a few days and 3) holy cow. We move THIS SATURDAY.

These past few weeks have kind of been a whirlwind, and this past week was busier than I could have ever imagined. J had his hooding ceremony last Friday (he actually won an award as well which was awesome) graduation was Saturday, his graduation/our going away party was Saturday night (beyond heart warming to see so many people there to say congrats and bye) then Mother's Day was Sunday (the in laws were in town so I made brunch among the boxes,) Monday was moving day (which went surprisingly well if you don't count J getting attacked by the loading ramp. He is now sporting a horribly 6 inch bruise/cut thing) and today was filled with locking up the truck to be picked up, lunch with friends,spackling walls and cleaning. A lot of cleaning.

Despite the craziness, we are so so so excited to be heading to Denver and can't wait to start this new adventure. It's always hard to say goodbye, but given how much our family and friends love to travel (and ski,) we're not too worried about keeping in touch. To be honest, we've already had to start writing down who is coming when just to make sure we don't "double book."

All that said, I'll be checking out until next week (minus one or two scheduled posts) to focus on visiting with family and friends, wrapping up loose ends, and taking all of this in. Thanks again for all of the encouragement and well wishes you all have sent our way- it means a lot. See you once we're in Denver!