from the studio: an interview and figuring out my flash

This commercial just makes me smile. Given I had to weed through a lot of internet junk today, I found it to be fitting as well.

I finally figured out how to turn my camera's flash off. I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit how long I've owned this camera.

And yes, I did read the manual (it didn't tell me) and I finally just found the answer on some random forum from 3 years ago. Thank you internet.

In case you're wondering why it took me so long- 1. I learned photography on a manual camera. I used film and developed photos in a darkroom. (I still think film produces the most beautiful photographs.) So when everything switched to digital, I held out. Sure it was convenient, but where was the work? What happened to that magical moment when you saw your image start to form before your eyes? (I actually still miss that.) Digital didn't seem as magical, so I didn't take the time to really learn it.

2. Probably the biggest reason is that I normally only shoot in bright, natural light so it's never really been a problem. The few times it's caused issues it was either at a time when someone else was usually using my camera in "auto" mode, I was no where near my manual, or I didn't have the time to "play around with it." When I finally did have the time, well, I'd forget until it happened again.

So today, after getting stumped on a different issue, I decided to figure it out. Luckily, it wasn't the most intuitive so I don't feel like a complete dingbat.

Yay for little victories.

On a completely different side note, Lucy Dylan Weddings did an interview with me a little while ago and it's now up on their blog. I'd love it if you'd pop over.

Have a great Monday everyone!