Craving: Dog Blue Prints

via uncommon goods

How cool are these?! I don't really have any wall space left (or $200 just sitting around asking to be spent on something I really don't need) but that doesn't stop me from randomly looking at these and envisioning it somewhere in our future home.

You know, the one we don't own... in a city we don't live in yet hahaha

Anyhow, speaking of labs, our poor little baby is on antibiotics right now and spending most of her days sleeping and drinking water. I hate seeing her sick (and really, not used to it. She's always been really really healthy) but was super proud of how she acted when we took her to the vet. So sweet and such a trooper. (May have been the 20+ treats the tech fed her. Not really on her diet, but whatever. I eat junk when I don't feel well too so no judgment here.)

**And wow. I just reread all of that and realized I've become one of those people. You know, the people who have conversations about their dogs. I always made fun of those people. Guess that's karma for ya. With all that said though, I will not stop making cat lady jokes. I am allergic to cats so I'm not worried about becoming one of those. As for a dog lady... well that doesn't seem so bad to me. Hence the desire for  a dog blue print poster.