Craving: Boot Pull

this boot pull via smiss miss

So I don't really have a need for this just yet, but one day when we're living where it snows a lot and I'm cursing at myself for having such tight boots on ahem, I mean, wrestling with pulling off my super cute (even if not the most functional) snow boots- I will have a need. And when that time comes, how nice will it be to have something as handy as this?

Of course, I can also see myself placing my boot in it, performing a wildly too dramatic tug (because of aforementioned lack of functional boots that I just had to wear) and then losing my balance and tumbling down to the floor only to be rushed to the hospital because I managed to break my leg or something important like that.

But because I will do this is the comfort of my own home, when y'all see me limping around on (even less snow capable) crutches I will tell you I broke my leg after running away from a bear/mountain lion/rabid raccoon. And you'll have to believe me because I'll live in the mountains.

Maybe I'll even use wild hand gestures and make bear noises (because Lord knows I'm a hand talker and I love a good sound affect.) Hey, while I'm at it maybe I'll toss in something about saving a baby or a puppy or something with as well. You know, for good measure.

Anything besides saying I tripped on the boot pull I just had to have.

Come to think about it, maybe I should just stick to something smaller like this instead.