Happy spring weekend

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Last week, J and I converted our dining room table into a ping pong table. While slightly reminiscent of frat houses in college, it's been a blast holding "tournaments" every night. (Plus, our home is way cleaner than any frat house I've been to and there isn't a solo cup in sight. Yes, folks, that is how I rationalize it.) Pretty sure this is going to stick and only come down when we're having overnight guests.

Speaking of overnight guests, our move is less than 10 weeks away! Unfortunately, now we are in this "hurry up and wait" period. We can't very well pack yet (all non essential stuff-like Christmas decorations- is already packed and labeled) and we can't really sign a lease for another month without having to pay for a month that we aren't out there. A little frustrating, but I am getting my fair share of lessons on patience.

Of course, it always helps to have an amazing husband and great friends and family to encourage you and let you know it's all going to work out just fine.

Speaking of great friends, two of mine had me on their blogs this week! The ever lovely Mel shared my work, while the always inspirational Estelle turned the tables and let me inspire her today. Thank you both so much for having me (and for saying such sweet things!) I am still so thrilled and lucky to have met those lovely ladies at Alt and have them as a part of my life now.

Other things that caught my eye this week?

How to cite a Tweet in an Academic Paper (I never liked citing, but now citing tweets? The world's definitely changing.)

May be one of the sweetest (and saddest) love letters ever.

And if you need a good cry, Barney's Version left me weeping.

Beautiful (if slightly trippy) botanical photographs

Are you really too busy? Or is it just not a priority?

And on that topic, remember you are a perishable item; live accordingly.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope it's a wonderful one!!