Happy (almost Thanksgiving) weekend

Ginny, Erica, me, Grace and Amy goofing off at the Design*Sponge book signing in Athens

I realized yesterday that "holy cow, next week is Thanksgiving. And then it's our anniversary, then Christmas, then my birthday, then Alt, then Valentine's day, then..." Next thing I knew, I was stressing about moving next May. (I am not exaggerating here. It was kind of fascinating to watch how quickly my list of 3 things to do turned into like a bajillion. Apparently I can't multitask like this guy.)

So, in an attempt to get everything done in 5 minutes (my strategy to combat my procrastinating tendencies) I ended up triggering a migraine and got absolutely nothing done. Oh, irony. You're so funny.

Plus side of it all though, is that my lovely husband made me my favorite dinner (grilled cheese and tomato soup. Yes, I'm 5.) while I burrowed under blankets moaning about how loud the crickets were and how it felt like someone was hitting me with a sledge hammer. I'm such a pleasure to be around when I'm not feeling well. But anyhow, I guess that teaches me, right? I normally strive to maintain a very peaceful, low key life and when I start to freak out and worry my body fights back with a vengeance.

So in order to make my body like me again, I decided to aimlessly wander around the internet to find things to show you.

Oh, and I ate a sugar cookie. My body especially liked the sugar cookie.

As pretty as it may be (and as type A as I might be) I doubt my frig will ever look like this. I'll let you guess which of these I resemble most.

I wear a lot of neutrals, but these may bring just the right amount of punch to my winter wardrobe

Of course, then I'd need to watch this every time I tried to wear one. The girl far right second from the bottom has the best "waiting on her turn" moves.

Maybe I'll just stick to necklaces. Gold necklaces.

And two things completely unrelated- this website rocks, though I'm not sure what it says about me when all my music choices tell me to drink Hennessy or Red Bull.

This just creeps me out. Probably because I don't like dolls. Or mannequins. Or wax statues... pretty much anything that is supposed to look real but isn't.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!