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Young Collectors Contemporary

Young Collectors Contemporary

March 21-24| Memphis, Tennessee

"Dreams In Color"

Courtney's "Dreams In Color" series is currently available. Make sure to claim your piece before they are gone!

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, courtney khail watercolors is the full service art studio of contemporary watercolor artist Courtney Khail


About Courtney

Contemporary artist Courtney Khail lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.

Originally from Augusta, Khail studied visual arts at John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School for eight years before going onto receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Scientific Illustration from The University of Georgia's Lamar Dodd School of Art.

Working primarily with watercolors and ink, Khail’s work explores her fascination with the metaphorical talents of flowers- specifically their ability to capture and reflect the complexities and juxtapositions present within each of us.

Greatly influenced by her background in scientific illustration, Khail’s work combines expressive, intricate line work with abstracted color and form, resulting in vibrant paintings that blur the line between the natural and the man made.

Her work has been featured in various publications and websites including The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Food Network, Southern Living, and CommonCreativATL. In 2017 she was voted “Atlanta’s Best Emerging Visual Artist” by Creative Loafing Magazine, and in 2018 the Georgia Council for the Arts commissioned Khail to create a custom painting for the First Lady of Georgia, Sandra Deal. (To see a complete list, please see the “Press” tab.)

About the Work

Flowers are not a new subject matter in art- from Dutch still life painters to Warhol, artists throughout history have utilized them in their works. And while undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing, to me the true beauty of flowers lies in their metaphorical talents. Whether referencing life or death, happiness or sorrow, flowers have an uncanny ability to capture and portray the full gamut of human emotions. 

By altering something as simple as the composition of its petals, or as intricate as my line work, I am able to utilize that gift and tell a story through my art. 

Most recently I've been experimenting with using flowers to express vulnerability and self discovery (specifically in relation to social expectations and conventions.) By combining traditional subject matter with contemporary compositions, vibrant colors, and dynamic line work, I create paintings that are delicate yet brazen- mirroring the dualities and contradictions in each of us.